BEYOND Whitening – White Teeth in 30 minutes


As children we all had white, clean teeth and our smiles were shining. However, over the years, we consume food, drink coffee or tea and smoke cigarettes, thus the teeth begin to darken. Brushing regularly may remove some discolourations, but those that have penetrated deeply the structure of the tooth must be cleaned in other ways, such stains require the BEYOND “force”. BEYOND whitening formula penetrates the tooth with dental tubules, and its strong and fast action is caused by the cold Accelerator light. With BEYOND discolorations disappear and you enjoy your new look.
BEYOND whitening system is one of the most popular in the world. It has been safely performed on more than one million of patients. Our whitening lamp contains the most technologically advanced filtration system which is available on the market. Thanks to the use of “cold light” this is one-session procedure with no side effects.


Thirty minute procedure immediately oxidizes 16 or more teeth, restoring them to their natural whiteness. The result are teeth whiter from 5 to 14 shades according to VITA standard used by dentists. The results are about 30 percent better than cover whitening and much better than similar systems. The treatment with a single- session BEYOND system is without irritation or side effects. The whitening effect lasts for up to two years.
Beyond is now considered to be the safest and most effective available way of whitening teeth.

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