One-day implants

We also have the most up-to-date fully digital panoramic digital camera for the panoramic jaw pictures and cefalometric head pictures.

The interview with the dental surgeon Jarosław Cierplikowski, implantologist from the Estetica Dental Clinic

Present-day, modern dentistry enables the patient to walk out of a dental office after around one hour with new teeth! Short cutless surgery, painlessly conducted in computer anaesthesias, enables to permanently implant teeth in the mouth, bringing back the aesthetic and comfort. With the concept of Teeth – In – An – Hour ™ I familiarised in June 2005 r. during the World Implantologic Congress in Las Vegas. It was organised by the Nobel Biocare Company that I’ve been cooperating with for many years. Thinking back, I didn’t suspect that this solution can be implemented fast in my Rzeszów clinic. I expected high costs of implementing the system. At the same time I didn’t exclude barrage price for the patients. Meanwhile, it turned out that implementing the procedure wasn’t a burden for me, and what is more, it is not one for my clients. Teeth – In – An – Hour™ treatment is an alternative to long-lasting bone and implantologic regeneration treatment. It wears off the inconvenience and shortens the time of treatment, increases the patient’s comfort. It is also competitive in costs in comparison to present-day methods of preparing and conducting the implantologic treatment. I implemented the Nobel Guide™ Teeth – In – An – Hour™ procedures in my dental office in just half year after the world’s inauguration. The system excites great interest and our patients’ trust. What is more, the Estetica Dental Surgery has the achievement of greatest number of such treatments in Poland to its credit.

What is the Nobel Guide™ Teeth – In – An – Hour™?
In a nutshell, it is a treatment of implementing implants and their immediate balancing. The process begins from diagnostics with the usage of computer tomography, which is made here, in the clinic, using the tomograph Kodak 9000 3D. The picture gained is subjected to elaboration in a special process software, where 3D view of the jawbone is achieved. At this stage a virtual implementation system is conducted. Transparency of the picture is steerable/ controllable, the nerves and bone model are visible from each side what enables to implement the implant with an incredible precision, using any unwaned piece of bone tissue, safely going round the nerves and jaw sinus. As a result a digital project is achieved, what enables the transfer of implants’ position to the patient’s mouth. The file is electronically sent to Nobel Biocare™ Institute in Sweden, where a surgical pattern is produced. On its basis the protetic filling is made. The pattern will be used once again as example model during putting the implants. The precision of fitting protetic filling to implemented implants is so great, that the comfort and joy gained from the new teeth can be obtained by our clients within just one visit!

Does the Nobel Guide™ Teeth – In – An – Hour™ treatment actually last one hour?
The treatment of implementing and ballasting the implants based on the surgical pattern can take only an hour. However, the patients who decide to take up this procedure, have to remember that it is preceded by several, uninvadeve diagnostic tests. Therefore more than one day should be booked for the treatment. As I have already mentioned, first a tomography test is made, next, it is worked on and sent to Sweden. We wait for about 10 days to get back the pattern and protetic filling. We start the surgery – we use computer anaesthesias, The Wand™ system, fasten the pattern In the patient’s mouth, screw in the innerbone titan grafts (implants), and finally, put on them the protetic filling. It takes about an hour, not more than two. After the treatment the patient can safely go home and, after a few hours of rest, enjoy the beautiful smile. The dental surgeons’ responsibility for the system’s name Teeth-In-An-Hour™ brought about loads of stress and rush in doing the treatments. As a result, in 2007, during the next World’s Congress Nobel Biocare™ in Las Vegas the official name Nobel Giude™ Teeth – In – An – Hour™ was changed into Nobel Guide™ Beautiful Teeth Now™. The name is translated in Polish as Teeth in one day. The Estetica Dental Clinic uses the name Teeth-In-An-Hour™ as, based on our successes in using this method, we are able to state that. In most cases we fulfil this promise!

lek. stom. Jarosław Cierplikowski