You are safe

European safety standards
In order to ensure safety to our patients we use different procedures that aim to eliminate the threats connected with infections. One of the elements of improving safety is using:

•disposable gloves
•disposable (ślinociągów) saliva hoovers
•isposable bibs
•disposable covers for RVG sensor
•disposable covers for patient’s headrests
•disposable plastic mugs to rinse one’s mouth out
•disposable hypodermic needles
•disposable carpulas with anaesthetic
•disposable (wenflony z wężykami) for computer anaesthetic
•any other disposable materials are used whenever possible

Before any medical treatment a set of sterilized surgical instruments is prepared. It is always opened in the moment when the patient is sitting in the armchair in the dental office. After the visit the instruments are carefully washed, disinfected and closed with the use of a welder in disposable plastic-paper sleeves. Next, they are sterilized in autoclaves. When it comes to headrests for the patients, armchairs’ seats, protective glasses, work-surfaces, unit parts, optical fibres, lamps, keyboard and computer mouse, steering devices, they are disinfected with antiseptic, virus- and fungicide spray.

All sets with instruments are sterilized (in closed disposable plastic-paper sleeves) in vacuum autoclaves. The sterilization meets all the European standards. The sterilization in autoclaves is the most efficient method of infection preventing. The sterilization process is controlled every time it is used by the computers built into autoclaves and also through chemic indicators that are every time put into the autoclave. Every month we carry out the biologic test of propperness of sterilization (incubation of microbe sowing). The correctness of sterilization processes is documented by the print from the computer, which follows the sterilization process.