Highest quality equipment guarantees the highest standard of treatment.
The rapid development of medical knowledge and technology allows us to use the innovations and contemporary developments in these areas. These are:

Carestream 9000 CT scanner 3D

Precise tomographic camera

It combines three technologies: pantomography, cephalometry and computer tomography imaging in three dimensions. Carestream 3D 9000 is a complete intraoral diagnostic system.

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We have the perfect device to determine the color of your teeth.

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Stericlave Cominox and Faro

Apparatus for sterilization


The Wand™

Computer equipment for painless local anesthesia. The design, look and operating of The Wand ™ allow to eliminate the stress associated with the view of a classical syringe. Statistics say that 43% of patients would immediately run away from a dentist chair at the sight of a doctor approaching them with the syringe. More about this solution on the page

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NSK Surgic XT Plus i W&H

Implantologic units to perform implant dental surgery.


Device for root canal treatment.
The technique is fast, accurate and easy, as opposed to the traditional, manual method.
The exact position of the rasp in the canal is displayed on a large clear LCD screan. The moment of approaching the rasp to the apical entrance can also be signaled acoustically.

Periotest M

Digital device to measure the degree of the integration of dental implants and the stability of teeth. This tool gives us an assurance and is used in implantology, periodontics and orthodontics. On the basis of the examination carried by the device, we know, for example if we can put the final crown on the implant.

Obtura i System B

Equipment for filling canals of teeth with hot gutta-percha and performing local dental anesthesia, in which the anesthetic process is controlled by a microprocessor-based control system.

Pentamix III

Latest device to receive homogeneous, highly accurate masses needed for taking dental casts.

E-Q Master firmy Meta – Biomed

Device for filling canals.

Intraoral camera

  • Imaging the interior of oral cavity;
  • Taking pictures of patient’s mouth to the documentation;
  • Imaging the patient’s progress in treatment;


Surgical piezoelectric device for cutting bones. Piezosurgery ® is a new osteotomy and osteoplasty technique that uses special micropulses of scalpels and terminals operating in specific ultrasound frequency.
Making cuts with Piezosurgery ® device is very accurate, selective and reliable.

Carestream Radiovisiography

Safe device for digital dental X-rays, with a very low dose of radiation.