Service range

In our dental offices we offer full range of dental surgery and treatment, for example:
•prophylactic treatment under a local anaesthetic,
•children’s treatment (including children of special care),
•dental surgery,
•Nobel Biocare implants – world’s leading implantology systems, including implants do not requiring surgery cut, all protetic solutions: reconstruction of a single crown of a tooth, reconstruction of several missing teeth, reconstruction of full dentition for teethless patients, GBR steered bone regeneration with the usage of preparates such as BIO-OSS, BIO-GIDE, CERASORB, PRP (Plateled Reach Plasma)
•Modern endodontic treatment with the usage of microscope and endodontic machine systems, for example K3 Endo and Flex Master System, as well as canal fillings using termically condensated gutta-perchas in System B and Obtura III device,
•Gums treatment (parodontose) – treatment through the method of guided tissue regeneration (GTR) with the usage of preparates BIO-OSS, BIO-GIDE, CERASORB and Swiss EMDOGAIN, template treatment,
•Modern dentures (crowns, full ceramic bridges,skeletal claspless dentures, INLAYES and ONLAYES),
•Orthodontics (pernament and movable bracelets),
•teeth radiovisiongraphy, digital panoramic and cefalometric jaws’ pictures,
•dentalvision (inner-mouth cameras, microscope vision tracks),
•the treatment of functional disorders, headache and jaws using splints, including NTI splints,
•Teeth in one Hour ™, (made actually in one hour and twenty minutes – should be called one-day implants) the treatments of immediate grafting and ballasting (weighting?) implants,
•The newest up-to-date, the most efficient and safest system of teeth whitening in 45 minutes- Beyond
In each of our dental offices we have modern dental units of the following companies: OMS (Italy) and A-dec (USA). We also have the office of dental hygiene, where we employ a certificated nurse conducting prophylactic and hygiene treatment ( scaling, air polishing and root planning, hygiene instruction ). Every our office, for the patients and personnel comfort, is equipped in ventilation and air-conditioning.

Our offices are equipped in net computer system and inner-mouth cameras (dentalvision) – it allows to control and document the treatment on a current basis, and our patients ca visually follow the treatment process. We possess computer demonstrative programmes, which enable our patients to understand the planned treatment better. Each dental office is equipped in digital radiovisiography Kodak device, thanks to which all X-ray pictures can be seen immediately on the screens of monitors in the dental offices, what additionally allows to reduce the amount of radiation acquired by the patient.

We also have the most up-to-date fully digital panoramic digital camera for the panoramic jaw pictures and cefalometric head pictures.